New Howa Kits Now Available At

OpenSeason is delighted to have partnered up with Howa to offer the M1100 rifle in a great value kit. The bolt action rifles are available in either .22 or .17 HMR calibres with factory threaded muzzles and have in only their first week with us proved an instant success with our customers.

It would appear that a combination of quality and value for money never goes out of fashion !

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Strong Interest In PCP Air Rifles

IGT has had a lot of interest in our Cometa high power PCP (pre-charged pneumatic) air Rifle kit and we are delighted to see it sold to a good home earlier today.

As we have noticed from speaking to clients buying this type of gun, PCP appears to be the only good method of controlling vermin such as crows on a working farm. The guns are silent and have long range killing power upto 80 metres and are extremely accurate. All our farming clients report that a shotgun is too loud and a .22 too dangerous as the bullet travels too far. It does appear that the day of the PCP Cometa has arrived.

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New Ruger Kits now available in .223,.243,.308,30-06.

A limited number of Ruger American rifles are now available. The rifles are available in .223,.243,.308 and 30-06 calibres. All the rifles come with a Bushnell Banner 6-18x50 rifle scope, 1" rings to match and a rifle case for transporting. At €950 this is a lot of equipment with a high spec across a selection of popular calibres. From our previous experience of similar value Kits these guns will sell out quickly. contact OpenSeason on 06731774.
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Limited Quantity of Baikal Over And Under Now Available

Open Season has obtained a limited quantity of Deluxe Baikal Over and unders. These guns are famous as a reliable but budget shotgun manufactured from high quality steel in Russia. They are however in scarce supply due to an embargo in the EU against Russian made goods. The guns are an ideal starter shotgun and with this in mind Open Season is offering a special kit with all you need to get your outdoor career started  now in style.
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Remington Shotgun Ammo Returns !

Remington shotgun ammunition has just become available again after the import of a batch by the Irish agent Gowen And Bradshaw in Galway. This ammunition is usually only available once a year prior to 1st November so stock up now before it starts to sell out as it always does. Open Season, Nenagh, (phone 06731774) currently has 32 gram loads in stock along with 42 gram light magnum loads in buck shot, 0 and BB, also 33 gram Foster Slugs and 3" magnum loads.
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New CZ 527 .223 Synthetic Bolt Action Rifle With Threaded Barrel

The new CZ 527 "mini Mauser" action is now available at Open Season in Nenagh. The new .223 is available in black synthetic and a factory threaded barrel for a sound moderator is standard. The rifle is very compact and lightweight. It features a detachable 4 round magazine, weights about 6.3 pounds and has a total length of 40". Contact Open Season on 067 31774
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Baikal shotguns to become available soon !

About eight months ago one of the most taken for granted firearms on the market became unavailable in Ireland. The humble Baikal shotgun from Russia could not be purchased due to the conflict in Ukraine (the Baikal is made in Russia). Thankfully the guns will shortly be available again here in Ireland. This is the first time I remember such a situation occurring. The shortage of the budget gun caused a conundrum as there is little else available on the world market to rival the Baikal in terms of quality, reliability and durability at a comparable price. The brands only weakness is in the woodwork which is a softwood and cannot take too much abuse and can crack, but at the price the guns sell at, something has to give ! This is a minor problem however and the baikal over compensates for this minor issue with the quality of the steel put into the guns. The steel seems to last forever as do the mechanics and firing pins. IGT will have a new consignment of Baikal over and under,…
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Gun Sales Pick Up As Economy Improves

Irishguntrader is happy to announce that the sale and demand for various firearms has been improving rapidly over the last twelve months. Having hit a low point in and around 2009 to 2011 we are happy to report a return to more normal trading patterns. Our advice if you are selling a firearm - Value - this at the moment is key, the market is recovering but buyers still have a wide choice so if you want a firearm sold, pitch the price at an attractive level. If you are in the market to buy - be realistic, shop around, get to know the values of the make and model you want and when you find a good match at the right price, by all means haggle but don't insult the seller or expect to buy it for next to nothing, things are improving, not everyone is desperate to sell ! Thanks for reading, The Irishguntrader.
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