As new Sauer 404 comes on the market today. A rare rifle with a left handed bolt creates a great opportunity for 1 in 10 deerhunters to get a gun that actually suits for a change !

A spotless rifle with less than forty shots fired from new and replete with a Swarovski scope and Atec moderator.

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CZ455 Kit In Spotlight

We have only just put an almost new CZ 455 up for sale, and it has already drawn a lot of interest in 24 hours. 75 individual views on Irish Gun Trader and a few phone calls to the shop ( Everything you need is included with the rifle so it’s an ideal purchase for a novice or more experienced marksman or Marksperson for that matter !

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Upsurge In Air Rifle Shooting

The Pandemic appears to have lead to a huge upsurge in shooting sports ! Air Rifles have become highly sought after over the last three months as people seek a new hobby while remaining socially distant.

The Cometa factory in Spain reports a huge surge in demand and is currently manufacturing six days a week over 12 hour days. It appears that all outdoor activities, from hillwalking to air rifle shooting have seen a massive increas in popularity all over Europe .

OpenSeason has secured however a new delivery of Cometa rifles for delivery in early August.

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Great Variety Of Guns Added This Week

This week has seen a great range of new guns added to IGT. These ranged from rifles such as a Lee Enfield .303, TIkka T3 .204, Anschutz.17 HMR and a Steyr 7mm Remington ! In the shotgun department an exclusive Blaser F3 Sporter is now on the market as is a Beretta 391 Extrema.

All these guns look clean and are well photographed while presented for sale.

Thanks to all our advertisers for supporting IGT and our efforts to offer one of the widest range of guns in Ireland while we put buyers and sellers together.

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AYA no.2’s For All Budgets

OpenSeason in Nenagh has today placed an almost as new no.2 for sale on the Irish market, offering a massive saving over buying a new no.2. However it's still a significant spend at €3,750.

By coincidence Barron Guns in Ennis has today also listed another no.2 for sale at €1,200. Classic shotguns to suit any budget !

OpenSeason in Nenagh will soon be ordering AYA guns for September 2020 so if you have a special requirement or request let us know soon or your gun won't be ready in time for September 2020!

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686 Game

A very hard to come by Beretta Silver Pigeon has come on the market this evening. Beretta game guns are a rarity secondhand and this one is in excellent condition. It's fixed choke making it noticeably lighter and better balanced.

The Gun is for sale through OpenSeason in Nenagh.

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Air Arms Kit

Just posted today, a super looking Air Arms rifle with just about every accessory any sportsperson could desire.

These high end English PCP rifles are big money to buy new so an entire kit like this looks great value for money.

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